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Don't change your tune


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No matter what life you're living, you can't help but wonder 'what if?' ShelfLife let's you scratch that itch and find out what life could be like, without risking the one you already have.

Just like Airbnb lets you rent someone else's apartment, ShelfLife allows you to rent someone else's entire life, just for a little while. Do their job, hang with their friends, live in their house, wake up in their bed, walk in their shoes, eat their food, meet their friends and sleep with their lovers. When your week is up, shake hands, say goodbye and head back to your regular life with a spring in your step and a greater appreciation of the world around you.

Every ShelfLife rental has been thoroughly checked, tested and designed to be easy to operate, with minimum stress and maximum fun. Some of our more advanced life rentals may require pre-existing skills, experiences or qualifications but most of our listings are accessible and ready to rent.


Curious to see how ShelfLife works? Why not book, now.


ShelfLife founder Trent book character

Trent Carlisle

"The Hustler"

Trent's extensive entrepreneurial experience has seen him work in fintech in the UK and the US. His most recent role was as VP of Busness Development at Mediclinical, a medtech specialist in New York City. The 'Hustler' of ShelfLife is an advocate of 'The 30 Day Startup' and loves sampling the local food wherever he goes.

ShelfLife founder Shanti book character

Shanti Ravinantham

"The Hacker"

With a degree in Programming from London and several years experience as lead dev on one of Germany's most popular specialist travel sites, Shanti brings a creative eye to the technical side of ShelfLife. The 'Hacker' of the group enjoys yoga and avoids Skype where possible.

ShelfLife founder Gavin book character

Gavin Mills

"The Hipster"

Gavin brings several years of design, concept and UX experience to the ShelfLife team following several stints with multinational advertising agencies in Melbourne, Australia. Keenly interested in reportage photography, the 'Hipster' of the crew is always on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee.




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