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The ShelfLife service is currently in beta.

The ShelfLife story, however, is absolutely live:


Twenty-somethings Trent, Shanti and Gavin launch a start-up that allows almost anyone to rent a stranger’s life for a week.

Not their apartment. Not their car. Their entire life.

The trio risk everything they own to build what they believe will become the Airbnb of lifestyles, but nothing prepares them for the ride that follows as they chase fame, hunt funding, get deported, change lives and accidentally provoke a civil uprising.

When their start-up explodes in popularity, the founders finally get their first taste of success, just as they begin to lose control of their lives. They soon discover people are rarely who they say they are - even themselves.


Read the ShelfLife story now, before they make it into a compelling TV series or underwhelming motion picture.


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Barrie Seppings, author, ShelfLife

Barrie Seppings spent his early career in advertising, moving between Australia and South East Asia. He now lives in Sydney with his family.


ShelfLife is his debut novel. His second novel, The Stacking Plan, is currently under construction.

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