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Everything is going to change. That's my big takeout from my first trip to Southby, where the queues were long and the hype flowed as freely as the beer. I gotta say, I'm more pumped than ever about the idea I've been developing these last few months. Seeing so many people laying it all on the line and pursuing their dreams was nothing short of inspiring. Almost as inspiring as seeing the packs of investors and angels, circling the school of startup minnows, looking for their next feed. Get me some of that action!

It was also good to catch up with some old friends - and make some new ones - while soaking up the vibes of Austin. If I wasn't already living in the greatest city in the world, I might nearly consider moving there. Certainly more appealing than dreary London, where I last got involved in the startup world, via an ambitious but ultimately doomed fintech. Fun while it lasted. This time, I'm going to start something myself and run things a bit differently. More soon.

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