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We're on! Lives are about to change!

So excited to announce that our (my) first two recruits have just signed up and we are about to start our 30 Day Startup sprint. If you haven't read the book yet (just search on Amazon, well worth the purchase price), it's the only manual you'd need to turn your idea into a reality - or at least discover (quickly and cheaply) if it won't.

I'll miss a lot of things about NY. The weather is not one of them.

Though I am disappointed to be leaving both Mediclinical and my role as VP of Business Development, I feel that there are too m any opportunities waiting for me out there. Now is the time to seize them.

Next step: finding an offshore location to host my two new recruits for the 30 Day sprint - I'm thinking somewhere tropical, with great local food, good coffee, fast internet and relaxed visa requirements. Stay tuned.

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