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Vietnam can be crazy busy, or nice and quiet. Sometimes.

If anyone asks you to drop everything, move overseas and help them build a startup that changes lives - pull a Nike and just do it. Especially if you've spent your whole career pushing pixels around the screen in advertising agencies for people who don't know the first thing about what they're doing. It's very exciting to be here in Vietnam with Shanti & Trent, building what we believe will be something truly amazing - but more about that later. Right now, we're moving as fast as we can, creating services, writing code and designing user interfaces to make the complex task of achieving everyday dreams seem perfectly simple. There's a really strong community of startups here in Saigon as well - not just expats like us, but also many local entrepreneurs embracing digital (it's all mobile here, a few laptops and hardly anyone has a desktop PC), as well as a slew of ambitious young kids who haven't been told that it's too hard to try to start something. One of my favourites is Bright who started out delivering a monthly box of happiness (sample products in a monthly sub) but are now morphing into a magazine, retail and more. I could try to tell you what it's like to live in this wonderful, crazy city, but take a look for yourself:

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