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ShelfLife gets hunted on Trend Hunter

It's been a good run for us this week as far as coverage and publicity goes - first the feature on the front page of Betalist and now those uber-trendy peeps at Trend Hunter have given ShelfLife the once over and declared us to be, well, trend-worthy.

Trend Hunter says ShelfLife is trendy.

Says senior contributor Michael Hemsworth: "Escapism has become a popular travel style amongst busy consumers looking to get away from their daily routine, which is being adapted to in different ways as seen with the 'ShelfLife' life rental service."

That's a pretty accurate description, from where we're sitting. And where we're sitting is in super-humid Singapore, about to witness the spectacle of street-circuit formula One racing under lights with - get this - 80's dinosaurs Duran Duran as the main attraction. No wonder the expats here want to rent their lives out. But I digress - thanks Trend Hunter, you're rad!

#Gavin #TrendHunter #BetaList

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