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Inside Hook took an inside look - and liked what they saw.

Of all the press coverage and media enquiries we've been getting over the last week or so, by far my favourite has come from NYC-based men's style magazine Inside Hook. The web publication has been named the #1 web site for gentlemen by Business Insider and their Managing Editor Kirk Miller reached out when we first broke to ask us about the inspiration for ShelfLife.

The result made the front page of Inside Hook earlier this week:

Inside Hook NYC men's style magazine cover

How popular is Inside Hook? We got a massive surge in traffic and a whole new slew of people wanting to rent out their lives for a week. A fashion photographer in Spain and a comedian in the U.A.E were among the more interesting highlights - look forward to seeing those up on the site very soon. We've also had a couple of job applications and interest from an investment fund. Again, thanks to Kirk for giving our little web experiment an NYC-sized high five.

Next time I find myself back home, I definitely owe the man a Dark & Stormy. - tc

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