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Life's a pitch

I'll have to admit that presenting and pitching are not my strong suits, but with Trent flying around South-East Asia meeting investors and advisors and Shanti up to her neck in lines of code, getting the booking engine functional ahead of our next release, the baton was handed to me.

When Fabrica de Startups invited us to apply for a spot in their amazing-looking Discovery program (a startup incubator focussed on the Travel & Tourism sector), we all knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. So I took a big deep breath, stepped up to the plate and gave it my best shot.

It helps to have a strong deck and all props go to Trent, who helped me tweak one of our standard pitch presentations and go through some rehearsals. Made all the difference. Now we just have to sit back and wait to see how we went. Fingers crossed.

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